Parental control - Protect our private life

Protect my family

Find and Protect your children, your parents and your family any time.

Trusted numbers

Remote full control your phone by SMS.

Secure your phone

Lock your phone and remote change your password.

Record video

Remote record video and listen around your phone even if you dont have it with you.

Activate alerts

Remote activate alarms. Make vibrate or ring your phone.

Security alerts

Receive notifications by email and by SMS in case of suspicious activities on your mobile phone.

Lock your mobile apps with a pin code

Secure the access of your apps with a password.


Identify and lock suspicious apps installed in your phone.

Backup all your mobile data

Backup all your files, contacts, pictures, documents, videos, calls et messages.

Security for all

Always be near your family and your friends


Remote control

Remote control your phone.


Friends circle

Add trusted numbers, share your location and protect your family.



Receive and send SMS from the mobile app and our website.



Be sure to always remote control your phone.



Safe backup of all your mobile data in a secured and encrypted private account in our website.



Check in real time the location of your phone and track suspicious activities made by your phone.